About AIM

Aim offers worldwide and residential M&A integration seminars and talks, culture due diligence, integration strategy immersions and executive business coaching

We stand out for spotlighting the cultural dimension of business, shifting layers to reveal authenticity, and exploring the big picture to help align results with your vision.

In merger integration, we are in touch with recent shifts within the area of M&A and focus on mission- critical issues to help make integration a success.

Aim’s specialty areas cover M&A integration, corporate culture and change management. Other areas we are often asked to explore are goal-setting/achievement and leadership and team development.

About Angelica Carr (CM&AI, ICF, EMCC), founder and CEO.

Angelica Carr has extensive international experience in business development and management having lived and worked in Sweden, USA, France and the UK.  As a highly-qualified business coach she helps executive individuals and teams achieve their goals. She is a trained and certified global executive business coach by Rosinski and Co and the School of Coaching. She is also trained and certified in merger and acquisition integration by Pritchett, the world-leading experts in M&A integration. Angelica has a degree in Management Studies and French from Kings College, London and speaks Swedish, English and French.

She runs Aim Business Coaching, offering UK and global executive individual and team coaching, corporate seminars and talks around M&A integration, change and corporate/national cultural diversity. Aim also assists companies with their cultural due diligence process pre-M&A. Most of the offering is bespoke and for events Angelica collaborates with a hand-picked team of professionals.

She is also a major share-holder, non-executive director and strategist at Gale and Phillipson, an innovative investment management firm with offices in London and north-east England.

Her articles have featured twice in Forbes ME, discussing How to motivate employees during M&A and How to create and navigate change in the start-up world and in other publications such as Global Banking and Finance, Acquisition International, the Times’ Raconteur, Al Bayan, Khaleej Times, and Arabian Business.

In November Angelica was a panel speaker at the Thomson Reuters Global Mergers and Acquisitions Conference discussing overcoming challenges post transaction. She was also invited to talk to the Dubai Business Women Council (part of the Chamber of Commerce) to empower female leadership.

She currently offers talks on issues critical to M&A integration including Successful leading in M&A and M&A deal rescue for senior management and Turning your merger into an opportunity for employees and managers.