Aim offers three main services; worldwide corporate M&A integration seminars for both senior management and employees, off-site change management and M&A integration immersions in Provence and one-to-one as well as team business coaching.

One-to-One and Team Coaching

Aim’s speciality coaching areas are M&A integration, corporate culture and change. Other areas we are often asked to explore are goal-setting/achievement, leadership and team development, time-management, confidence building and work/personal life balance.

A one-to-one coaching contract typically consists of five agreed coaching sessions with the possibility of renewal. From experience, once a week or fortnightly seems to work efficiently but this is completely dependent on the client’s needs.

Through our tailor-made team coaching, we create teams with:

  • higher motivation and creativity;
  • improved communication skills;
  • increased performance and results;
  • raised intercultural competence.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please head over to our contact page and send us a message.