Aim offers three main services; worldwide corporate M&A integration seminars and talks for both senior management and employees, off-site change management and M&A residential seminars in Provence and one-to-one as well as team business coaching.

Corporate M&A Seminars and Talks


  • Post M&A deal announcement, employees spend on average two hours per day worrying about the implication of the merger
  • On average companies lose four out of ten managers in the first 24 months of the merger integration.
  • Nine out of ten managers are psychologically unprepared for the uncertainty and change of a merger

Can you afford the loss of productivity and people?

Angelica Carr of Aim offers two talks preparing an organisation for a successful M&A integration, and delivers these worldwide:

Successful leading in M&A (senior leadership)

This talk is delivered to senior members of the team, at the heart of ensuring merger or acquisition success.

This talk will:

  • provide you with a simple and logical integration process that works for any scale
  • help you deal with the challenges of uncertainty and change in M&A integration.
  • guide you on how to keep your best people,
  • explore how to communicate efficiently on deal announcement and throughout the integration process
  • keep you updated on new shifts in M&A integration
  • help you motivate your employees
  • guide you through which mission-critical cultural traits to focus on in the cultural due diligence and throughout integration
  • help you stay focussed on profit, productivity and people

Turning your merger into an opportunity (for employees) 

It is equally important to prepare your employees for the uncertainty and change that will come with the merger.

This talk will help your employees and their direct managers to:

  • prepare for and understand what to expect in a merger
  • learn about the predictable stages of an M&A integration
  • to begin to look at the M&A as an opportunity for individual growth and development
  • learn some direct tips on how to positively survive a merger integration
  • embrace change and challenge and to seek out opportunities
  • understand that much depends on their attitude to the merger

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